Therapies We Offer

Therapies & Services

At Relax & Revive Massage our Therapists are trained to apply a variety of different therapies depending on what your body needs.

Our Therapies Include:

  • Swedish Massage uses a variety of techniques to relax muscle. It's main purpose is to increase oxygen in the blood and to release toxins from the muscles. 

  • Deep Tissue Therapy uses a variety of techniques to release chronic muscle tension pressure on contracted areas. 

  • Myofascial Release is low pressure applies with the hands to eliminate pain and restore motion in the body. 

  • Trigger Point Therapy is a techniques that involves applying pressure and holding it on a certain muscle to relieve pain. 

  • Prenatal Massage is the best time to receive a massage to lower anxiety, improve sleep and decrease levels of hormones. 

  • Reflexology is applying pressure, in specific order, to areas of the feet, to balance the mind, body and soul.

  • Hot Stone Therapy